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New Style Horse Corral Fence Panels
  • New Style Horse Corral Fence Panels

New Style Horse Corral Fence Panels

Horse fence is also known as prairie fence, cattle fence, grassland fence, which is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel wire, offer high strength and tensile strength, provide safety fencing against fierce striking of cattle, horse or goats. Knotted wire mesh fences make an ideal fencing material for grasslands husbandry.

Product Description

Horse corral fence panels are made from heavy duty galvanized steel tubes, which are welded together by vertical posts and horizontal rails to form a sturdy structure. A horse arena or pen can be formed with pieces of panels jointed with accessories. Horse corral fence panels are easy to install and dismantle. They are widely used to enclose and protect horses in farmland, paddocks, arenas, rodeo, stables, etc.

MaterialCarbon Steel
Pipe Thickness1.6-1.8mm
Pipe Dimension

Three Types(Round Pipe, Square Pipe, Oval Pipe)

1.Round Pipe: 32mm,42mm

2.Square Pipe: 40*40mm,50*50mm

3.Oval Pipe: 30*60mm, 40*80mm, 50*100mm, 40*120mm

Panel Size(H*L)1.0*3.0m, 1.5*2.0m, 1.6*2.5m, 1.8*2.1m, 1.8*2.4m, 1.8*3.0m, etc.
FinishHot-dipped galvanized, Power painted, PVC coated
Painted ColorWhite, Gray, Orange, Green, Red, Pink, etc.
Bars/Rails3, 4, 5, 6 rails. 1.8m high with 6 bars/rails or 1.6m high with 5 bars/rails,etc
Packingpacked in steel pallet or in bulk

New Style Horse Corral Fence Panels


● Robust structure 

● Corrosion resistant and durable

● Easy assembly and disassembly

Safety guarantee

● Various shapes of tubes

● Beautiful and attractive