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How long can the razor barbed wire last

Oct. 29, 2020

The surface of the razor barbed wire produced by the manufacturer has gone through a certain process of anti-rust corrosion, several common for hot plate cold coated wire, hot dip plating hot dipped wire and divided into two kinds of general high zinc and zinc, zinc content is in commonly at about 40 to 50 grams, and high zinc reached more than two hundred grams of the standard, so the rust corrosion degree.

Generally, the razor barbed wire is used for protection outdoors.the wind blows the rain for a long time will rust oxide make the color of the surface of the dark gray, it is not rust, mainly because the zinc layer on the surface of the blade thorn rope reasons, so low zinc content is easy to be oxidation corrosion, or more in some coastal areas where wet weather is easy to rust. The high zinc use fixed number of year is longer.

The sharp part of the blade rope is easy to rust, because when cutting the plate and leaking the metal surface, Haorong factory will carry out anti-corrosion treatment,so that can have the effect of anticorrosion, also will use a coating process to achieve the effect of preventing rust, but the cost is higher, HaoRong factory provides customers with good quality of razor barbed wire.