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Analysis of Types of Razor Wire

Oct. 21, 2020
  1. Check the material of the razor barbed wire, which is divided into three materials: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized (normal zinc, high zinc) and stainless steel.

2.The thickness of the razor barbed wire steel plate is 0.5±0.05mm thick according to the national standard. For daily protection, 0.3mm thick plates can be used. The thin spots appear sharp but make the service life shorter.

3.The diameter of the razor barbed wire wire is 2.5±0.05mm in the national standard, and the fine wire generally reaches about 2.3mm. Does not affect the use of protective effects.

Analysis of Types of Razor Wire

4. Appearance anti-corrosion ability is related to material. Galvanizing generally uses about 50 grams of zinc. The standard for high-speed rail is 120 grams. Special specifications can also be made into 270 grams of zinc. But there is a big difference in price.

The razor barbed wire is generally 50 cm in diameter and BTO-22. Special specifications can be customized according to requirements. If the price of the same model and weight is different, it is usually caused by the difference of the inner wire material.