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How to choose barbed wire fence

Nov. 01, 2020

How to choose barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fence has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance and weather resistance. For anti-corrosion forms, electroplating, hot plating, spraying, and dipping can be used. According to the sales experience in the market for many years, most of them are mainly hot-dipped galvanized barbed wire fences, because they have better anti-rust effect than cold galvanized barbed wire, and lower cost than sprayed plastic dipping, so it is a superior product The most popular in the market.

How to choose barbed wire fence

The second is the plastic coated (dipped) barbed wire, the color is generally green, the overall effect is more beautiful after installation, it can be directly used as ground protection, and

the protection effect is better.

Barbed wire fence has received satisfactory responses from customers whether in daily life or in important places in the country. Therefore, the development of barbed wire fence is getting better and better in the future.