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How to install double concertina razor wire

Nov. 05, 2020

  Installation steps of double concertina razor wire:

  1. First, fix the V-shaped galvanized stamping support (stainless steel bracket) on the wall to a certain size, usually 2-3 meters, in practice, depending on the installation environment of a few meters.

  2. After installing the V-shaped support, first pull the iron wire on the first post of the razor wire, after pulling the wire, use the iron wire to connect the razor wire in series and fix it on the installed bracket. 

How to install double concertina razor wire

3. Then you can pull it. The customary interval for pulling the razor barbed wire is 20-30CM. It can also be pulled at a smaller interval according to the actual needs of the customer, so that the protection is better. The 

stretch interval of each circle of barbed wire directly affects the number of meters that a roll of barbed wire can be pulled apart, so purchase according to the situation at the time of purchase.  

The double concertina razor wire has now been used in many prisons, industrial and mining enterprises, border defense and military fields, governments and other security protection sites.