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How to straighten the barbed wire installation

Oct. 30, 2020

Barbed wire straightening method

The barbed wire must first be determined as a straight line during installation. Straightening the installation can have a better protective effect, which is beautiful and saves materials. Set up the post on the installation line first, and set up a mark pile at a certain distance (2-3 meters) from the post, until all the posts are set up on the installed line, so that the installed barbed wire net is a straight line. For installation of columns in places with large undulations such as mountainous areas or hills, you need to set up a good post at the starting point and then determine the position and topography to install. When encountering undulations in the middle, you must increase the post according to the complexity of the undulating terrain. Seeing 3 posts, the installation is a straight line.

How to straighten the barbed wire installation

In fact, the installation of the barbed wire is relatively simple, without any difficulty, just fix the post, straighten the barbed wire and fix it on the post hook. Barbed wire products are divided into cold-plated, hot-dipped, stainless steel and aluminum-clad steel materials, which can be purchased according to different environments. Welcome to consult!