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PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh

Nov. 16, 2020

Hexagonal wire mesh is formed by twisting two adjacent wires at least four times, forming a strong honeycomb mesh structure. So, it has a high strength and durability. Even if a place is cut off, it will not lead to the entire chicken mesh structure destroyed. When using for plastering, plaster layer and the reinforcing metal layer have different thermal expansion coefficient.

Material: high quality low  carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire.

Weaving And Character: Normal twisted, reverse twisted and double-way twisted;

galvanized after weaving and galvanized before weaving; they are corrosion resistive and oxidation resistive.

Usage: They are widely used in building, oil, chemical industry, breeding, garden production and food processing industry.

Specification: Mesh: 3/8" ,1/2" ,5/8" ,3/4" ,1" ,1-1/4' , 1-1/2" ,2" , 3" , etc.

Wire Diameter: BWG21-BWG8

Width: 10cm-200cm

Special specification are available according to customer's requirement.

PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Uses/Application

a. Control and guide of water or flood.
b. Flood bank or guiding bank.
c. Preventing of rock breaking.
d. Water and soil protection.

e. Bridge protection.
f. Strengthening structure of soil.
g. Protection engineering of seaside area.