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Twist the barbed wire

Oct. 17, 2020
Brief introduction of twisting barbed wire :

The barbed cord is twisted in two directions instead of in one direction.Barbed wire material: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized, coated, and sprayed.Twisted barbed wire weaving process: twisted and knitted.Features: sturdy, beautiful, beautiful, strong tensile strength, excellent anti-rust effect.Uses for twisting barbed wire forward and backward: used in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, highways, forest farms. 

Twist the barbed wire

Is it durable?

Nowadays, when domestic customers see the positive and negative twisting of the barbed wire, their first impression is that the wire is too thin to provide protection. Haorong barbed wire helps you get out of this misunderstanding.Normally twisted barbed wire is 170 wire, while ordinary barbed wire is about 230 wire, which is obviously much thinner, but what is the actual use effect?First of all, the wire is thin but hot-dip galvanized steel wire. Everyone should know that it is better than iron wire in strength, service life, and hardness.The tensile strength of steel wire is 1200N and iron wire is 350N. This point of service life is much longer than ordinary barbed wire.In addition, the material is hot-dip galvanized, while the iron wire barbed wire is generally electro-galvanized, and the amount of zinc is obviously different. The amount of zinc on hot-dip galvanizing is between 50-60 grams, and the amount of zinc on cold-dip galvanizing is about 15 grams, which has a great anti-rust effect. Better than ordinary barbed wire. 

Twist the barbed wire

Development prospects of twisted barbed wire:

In the past two years, the positive and negative twisting of the barbed wire has begun to be recognized by domestic users. It used to be foreign trade orders.First: The cost of twisting steel wire barbed wire is lower than that of ordinary hot-dip galvanizing. In recent years, ordinary No. 12 wire barbed wire has been the standard for high-speed construction. Now the situation has changed. The country will not adopt higher quality than existing ones due to price reasons. The product is poor. After several years of comparison, the positive and negative twisted steel wire barbed wire has completely beaten the 12th ordinary hot-dip barbed wire. It is better than the latter in terms of service life, tensile strength, and anti-rust effect. Another point is the price. Low, the positive and negative twisting is about 0.2 yuan per meter cheaper than ordinary hot-dip plating. If the construction is calculated according to 11 steps, it will save more than 2 yuan per natural meter, which saves more than 2,000 yuan per kilometer. This is a lot of money, because Engineering work is dozens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometersSecond: it is beautiful, obviously better than ordinary barbed wire, twisting the barbed wire positively and negatively will gradually replace the ordinary barbed wire, the development prospect is huge. 

Twist the barbed wire

Test report on durability of twisted steel wire barbed wire

For the positive and negative twisting steel wire barbed wire, first choose the lowest carbon steel wire. In practice, the anti-rust effect will be better than ordinary hot-dip galvanized barbed wire. Haorong barbed wire factory analyzes its unique characteristics on the raw materials first. Low carbon steel The principle of hot-dip galvanizing points out that the main problems in the hot-dip galvanizing process of low-carbon steel wire mesh are imperfect process, unreasonable zinc solution composition, improper wiping materials and methods after plating, etc. A composite rust remover is used to strengthen the rust removal effect, and a mixed solution of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride with a mass ratio of 1.2 to 1.6 is used instead of a single ammonium chloride as a plating aid. The drying process after the plating is increased, and inorganic substances and The perlite mixed material is used as a wiper and other improvement measures to make the surface of the galvanized layer smooth, without zinc deposits at the welding position, and reduce zinc consumption by 2% compared to before the improvement. Hot-dip galvanized low-carbon steel wire barbed wire has the characteristics of bright coating, beautiful appearance, and strong anti-corrosion ability. It is used for railways, highways, returning farmland to pastures and other protective fences, as fences in residential quarters and sound insulation walls of civil buildings Adhesive materials are also gradually being used, with more varieties and specifications and increasing demand.  The development trend of twisting barbed wire : In recent years, the positive and negative twisting barbed wire has been applied to highways, replacing No. 12 hot-dip galvanized iron wire for the following reasons:First of all, it is beautiful. Compare the two pictures. Each picture looks better than the second picture tomorrow. The positive and negative twisting between the two thorns is 7-8 turns, and the normal twisting is 3 and a half turns.Moreover, it is cost-effective. It is about 0.28 yuan per meter for positive and negative screwing, and about 0.5 yuan for normal screwing.After that, it has a long service life. Generally, the positive and negative twisting are steel wires, and the strength is more than three times that of iron wires.