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Understanding of straight razor wire

Nov. 09, 2020

The straight razor wire is also called the straight razor wire or the straight razor wire. The product is in a straight line and does not undergo any other forms of treatment. The straight razor wire can construct a protective wall to prevent people from overstepping. It has a strong intimidation and obstruction effect, which is both beautiful and effective. 

Understanding of straight razor wire

The length and diameter of the straight razor barbed wire can be made according to customer requirements. Its characteristics: If you want to climb and over the straight razor barbed wire, the net-shaped razor wire has sharp blades, and the hands cannot be grasped and the feet cannot be climbed, which firmly obstructs people. The overpassed protective wall has a strong intimidating and obstructive effect, which is both beautiful and effective. It is deeply loved by prisons, military and government equipment. The product has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun and weather resistance. It can also be used to make electrophoretic fences. Straight razor barbed cord packaging and transportation Because the product is straight, it cannot be compressed by other means, so the packaging method is all straight packaging, and the outside is tied with a moisture-proof bag. The use of straight razor wire is mainly used for airport fence nets, prison fence nets, military fence nets, community anti-theft nets. The surface anti-corrosion treatment is electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized. It can be processed in different ways according to customer requirements. Deploy other types of barbed wire or razor barbed wire in combination for better protection.