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What is diamond expanded metal mesh used for

Dec. 03, 2020

Diamond-shaped expanded metal mesh is one of the expanded metal mesh series. It is also known as expanded metal mesh, expanded metal mesh, stainless steel expanded metal, galvanized expanded metal, dipped plastic expanded metal, and national standard steel according to different regions and different uses. Metal perforated mesh, such as metal mesh, heavy expanded metal mesh, iron plate mesh, granary mesh, perforated plate mesh, punching and shearing mesh, expanded metal sheet, pedal mesh, treading mesh, construction mesh, defense protection mesh, ceiling diamond mesh, etc.

What is diamond expanded metal mesh used for

The use of diamond expanded metal mesh : mainly used for various construction, mechanical protection, platform pedals, highway protection, railway protection, community fences, car partitions, construction scaffolding, crafts manufacturing, foundation pit slope protection, outdoor curtain walls, indoor ceilings, ship platform pedals, Heavy industry such as tower crane pedals, work platform pedals of automobile factory production workshops, oil fields, chemical plants, and power plants.