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What is the cattale livestock panel

Nov. 23, 2020

Cattle Livestock Panel Description

Cattle livestock panels are ideal way to get cattle yards built fast.

Cattle livestock panels are also portable and suitable to set up holding yards of any size. They come in different configurations to suit requirements. they withstand a range of stock pressure and come ready to use with 16mm pins included.

What is the cattale livestock panel





Heavy- Duty

Rail Number


5 Rails 1600mm

6 Rails 1700mm

6 Rails 1800mm

5 Rails 1600mm

6 Rails 1700mm

6 Rails 1800mm

5 Rails 1600mm

6 Rails 1700mm

6 Rails 1800mm

Post Size

40 x 40mm RHS

40 x 40mm RHS

50 x 50mm RHS

50 x 50mm RHS

89mm OD

60 x 60mm RHS

Rail Size

40 x 40mm

60 x 30 mm

50 x 50mm

80x 40mm

97 x 42 mm

115 x 42mm


2.1m 2.2m 2.5m 3.2m 4.0m etc.

Surface Treatment

1. Fully hot dipped galvanized  2. Pre- Galvanized pipe then antirust spraying 


1. 2 Lugs and Pins

2. Cattle Panel Gate (Cattle Gate In Frame, Double Gate, Man Gate, Slide Gate 

Cattle Livestock Panel Feature

1:Portable: easy fast to handle (set up, remove and put down), makes the fence panel very flexible.

2:Robust: interlocking system makes the fence very stable; quality steel and fully welding makes the panel more strong, heavy duty and anti-broken; high zinc or PVC coated make the fence durable

3:Environment Protection: connection with welded to bracket lugs and joining pins, no need to digholes or lay foundations. And it benefit grassland protection.

4:Livestock Protection: no sharp edge, very smooth welding spot finishment 

5:Cost-effective: give your corral years of service and minimal maintenance at a low in price