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Why the prison has a big demand for razor wire

Oct. 23, 2020

In addition to high-speed rail applications, razor wire is mainly used in prisons, but generally speaking, razor wire is mainly used and razor wire is supplemented. Install a 4m high barbed wire between the inside and outside of the fence and the supervision area and install a 500mm diameter razor wire at the top of the supervision wall. The barbed wire isolation net requires a linear welded razor wire with a layer A snake-bellied razor barbed net with a diameter of 50cm (double helix, including part of the building roof). The mesh adopts the Japanese-style reinforced linear razor barbed mesh, and the anti-theft bolt is used for penetration connection between the mesh and the post. Can effectively prevent criminals from sabotage, and can prevent the annoyance from climbing and escaping.
Why the prison has a big demand for razor wire

Razor Wire

  Functional requirements for barbed wire isolation nets and snake-bellied knife barbed nets

  (1) The overall design is not only beautiful, but more importantly practical. It can give the criminal a direct and strong shock effect from the appearance, and psychologically dispel the idea of escape from prison.

  (2) The mesh wall is designed with anti-shearing and anti-climbing functions. Can be very effective to prevent criminals from absconding.

  (3) Adopting the current advanced anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology, the surface is smooth, resistant to aging, acid and alkali, and does not fade.